"Take notes, Nora, take notes. Everything is copy."

~final words of wisdom from screenwriter Phoebe Ephron, to her daughter, Nora

In elementary school, Dawn Lee's idea of big fun was to spend at least thirty minutes selecting "the perfect pen" at the five-and-dime and another thirty minutes selecting the exact, perfect binder for her school notes. Her mother had an exceptional amount of patience when it came to her daughter's love of office supplies. A future frequent flyer at Office Depot/Office Max, Dawn Lee has used her pens and notebooks to record notes about everything that moves her and everyone who inspires her. From those notes, she's published over 800 profiles and feature stories for regional and national publications. In 2016, examiner.com wiped out over 600 of those stories when they shuttered their platform, but you would really have loved them.
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