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Asking a writer "What do you write about?" can lead to a lengthy conversation you didn't anticipate. The short version is that I draw inspiration from talented people who are driven to make a difference in the world. Those who have passion for their craft; who are devoted to achieving their dreams, and are willing to share their knowledge; and, those individuals whose lives are devoted to improving others' lives — intrigue me. I'm compelled to tell their stories.

Favorite Topics

  • Profiles/features of musicians, bands, radio DJs, TV actors, and writers

  • Classic TV and Classic Rock because they're...classic!

  • Entertainment book reviews

  • Music biographies and personal memoirs

  • Higher Education administration opinions (an occasional homage to Molly Ivins)

  • The Joys of Following NCAA Division 1 Basketball (especially the Texas Aggies)


How Dawn Lee Wakefield earned four degrees from Texas A&M, joined their Chemistry faculty/staff, went from dual positions as research scientist and cooperative education coordinator to work as a chemical process engineer and public affairs specialist; returned to Texas A&M as College Development Director, and then began her own consulting firm (Publications editing and Petrochemical Plant Training) and today is a Writer, Editor, and Publishing specialist is a fun story for another time.   


For 30 years as the owner of West Communications and TCV Media, Dawn Lee has been a feature writer for the performing arts, live concert experiences, TV shows, and biographical profiles. A fan of the Oxford comma, she has been a content and copy editor for books and journals in engineering, science, business, health, education, and public affairs. In that same time she's been an award-winning volunteer for regional nonprofits in arts, entertainment, health, & education, which has also brought her great joy.


Dawn Lee is a Certified Life Celebrant for Callaway--Jones Funeral and Cremation Centers in the Brazos Valley. She is also a Certified Life Tribute writer who can help you memorialize your loved ones for publication (newspaper size to life story) for those you love, no matter where you live.


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